AD section:

8 single-ended inputs. Input Range: ± 10V.

AD converter: 12 AD, speed 20KHZ (50uS conversion time).

channel input impedance: 100K ohms.

maximum common mode voltage ± 12 volts. CMRR> 80dB.

input socket: Connection.

input channels support automatic scanning continuous sequence channel.

System accuracy: ± 0.5% FSR.

Switch input and output:

8 input channels, performance:

1. Input voltage: TTL level, compatible with 3-volt level.

2. High: more than 2 volts.

3. Low level: less than 0.8 volts.

4. Input voltage range: 0-5 V

8 output channels, performance:

1. Output voltage: 3.3 V level.

2. High: greater than 2.5 volts.

3. Low level: less than 0.5 volts.

4. Maximum output current: 10 mA / road.

5. Switch output power is automatically cleared.

Software support:

1. The operating system supports win2000 / winXP / Vista / Win7 32 and 64 system

2. Development Kit: Driver, DLL library functions

3. USB There labview, labwindows / CVI, delphi, matlab, VC6.0 routine; Ethernet interface has labvIEW routines

4. USB interface test procedures; Ethernet static access pages (default webpage: http: //

Other features

Bus: meet the USB2.0 standard

Working current: less than 500mA.

Power supply: external 5-volt power supply.

external power supply input voltage: 5 V, ± 5%.

Internal board size: 10cm x 7.5cm, the positioning hole size: 7.8cm x 5.3


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