• JIT-DAQ-V4.0.2

AD section:

16 single-ended / 8 differential inputs

gain : 1,2,5, 10

AD converter: 16 channel AD, single-channel conversion rate 150kHZ

conversion range: ± 10V.

The maximum common mode voltage ± 12 volts. CMRR> 80dB.

Input jack: 3.98mm terminals.

Input channel supports automatic scanning continuous channel.

System accuracy: ± 0.05% FSR.

Resolution: 16 bit

DA section:

Analog output channels: 2 single-ended

DA converter: 12bit DA

Analog output range: 0-10V

Scan Clock: 1sps-1000Ksps internal clock

System accuracy: ± 0.05% FSR.

Resolution: 12 bit

Input jack: 3.98mm terminals.

PWM measurement input:

Number: 1

Input level: 3.3V

Input Frequency: 1-1MHz

Input duty cycle: 1% - 99%

Frequency and duty cycle measurement error: 0.1%


Number of counters: 1

Input level: 3.3V

Count bits: 32 (up to 65535 * 65535)

PWM output:

PWM output channels: 2

PWM output level: 3.3V

Input duty cycle: 1% - 99%

Output frequency: 1-1MHz

Digital input and output:

8 input channels, performance:

   Input voltage: isolated input 0-30V.

   High: greater than 3.3V.

   LOW: less than 3V.

   Isolation Voltage: 2500Vrms

8 output channels, performance:

     Open collector output.

     The collector voltage: 55V.

     Maximum sink current collector: 50mA.

    Isolation Voltage: 2500Vrms.

Software support:

Operating System Support win2000 / winXP / Vista / Win7

Development Kit: Driver, DLL library functions

labview, labwindows / CVI, VB.net, C #, delphi, matlab, Vc

Other features

Bus: line with USB2.0 standard

Power supply: external 12-volt power supply.

External power supply input voltage: 12 V, ± 5%.


Internal board size: 9.7cm x 9.3cm


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