• JIT-DAQ-V7.1


32 single-ended / 16 differential inputs

12bit 800KHZ AD.

AD input basic range: ± 10V. With programmable amplification, the corresponding input range Bipolar: ± 10V / ± 5V / ± 2.5V / 0--10V (corresponding to the input range selection 0,1,2,3).


2channel 12bit DA, output 0--10V.

16 channel  (DI0-DI15) / 16 channel (DO0-DO15) / (5V -TTL level).

1 channel 32-bit counter, counting, input and digital input DI6 channels share.

4 channel 32-bit PWM measuring input, measuring clock: 80MHz, such as precision measurement, measurement error is a reference clock 80MHz, 4 channel PWM measurement inputs 0-3 respectively DI2-DI5 share.

4 channel 32-bit PWM or single pulse output channels, the reference clock 80MHz, can output frequency and duty cycle of the PWM waveform can be set, it can output a single pulse width can be set, the four outputs 0-3, respectively, and output port DO0-DO3 reuse, reuse is a common output port default digital input, PWM output when the corresponding channel is enabled for the PWM or single pulse output function.

AD Start: software, hardware trigger. The trigger level 5V level, the input channel DI0 shared with the switch. You can select an external trigger rising or falling edge trigger

AD conversion clock: internal, external trigger. Level trigger level 5V input channels DI1 shared with the switch. External clock rising or falling edge can be selected efficiently.

AD input channels automatic sequence scanning, the user can set the conversion sequence, and set the corresponding channel gain factor.

AD conversion modes are single-channel single conversion mode, single-channel continuous conversion mode, continuous sequence channel scan (Normal) or a continuous sequence of channel pseudo-sync (SH) mode.




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