• JIT-DAQ-V8.1

 16 single-ended / 8 differential inputs

16 bit 500KHZ AD.

AD input basic range: ± 10V. With programmable amplification, the corresponding input range Bipolar: ± 10V / ± 5V / ± 2V / ± 1V (corresponding to the input range selection 0,1,2,3).

all channel to 16bit DA, output ± 10V.

16 channel (IN1-IN16) / 16 channel (OUT1-OUT16) / 32 bidirectional IO (IO0-IO31) (5V -TTL level).

1 channel 32-bit counter counts up, and switch input IN7 input channels share.

4 channel 32-bit PWM measuring input, measuring clock: 48MHz, such as precision measurement, measurement error is a reference clock 48MHz, 4 channel PWM measurement inputs are shared with 1-4 IN3-IN6.


4 channel 32-bit PWM or single pulse output channels, the reference clock 48MHz, can output frequency and duty cycle of the PWM waveform can be set, it can output a single pulse width can be set, the four outputs 1-4, respectively, and output port OUT1-OUT4 reuse, reuse is a common output port default digital input, PWM output when the corresponding channel is enabled for the PWM or single pulse output function.


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