• JIT-DAQ-v1.2

Analog signal input

Analog input channels: 16 single-ended / 8 differential

Input port pressure: -15--15V

Signal input: the default input voltage, can be changed to 0-20mA current input

 Input signal range:

 Bipolar: -10--10V (range code 1), - 5V-5V (range code 2), - 2.5V-2.5V (range code 3), - 1.25V-1.25V (range Code 4), - 1V-1V (range code 5), - 0.5V-0.5V (range code 6), - 0.25V-0.25V (range code 7), - 0.125V-0.125V (range code 8)

 Unipolar: 0--10V (range code 9), 0-5V (range code 10), 0-2.5V (range code 11), 0-1V (range code 12), 0-0.5V

(range code 13 ), 0-0.25V (range code 14)

Analog Input Impedance: 1M

Resolution: 12Bit (4096)

The maximum total error: more than 1V range <0.2%

                        In less than 1V range <5%

Sampling clock: 100sps-100Ksps (mux maximum 50K) internal timer trigger

 Analog output

Analog output channels: 2 single-ended

Analog output range: 0-10V

Analog output current: 10 mA

Analog Output: Single output, automatic scan output cycle

Resolution: 12Bit (4096)

Nonlinear error: ± 2LSB

Scan Clock: 1sps-1000Ksps internal clock

Digital signal input / output

Input / output channels: 6 Channel

 Input Level: TTL (5V) or CMOS (3.3V)

Output Level: TTL (5V)

PWM measurement input

Number: 1

Input voltage: 0-5V

Input Frequency: 1-1MHz

Input duty cycle: 1% - 99%

Frequency and duty cycle measurement error: 0.1%


Number of counters: 1

Input Level: TTL (5V) or CMOS (3.3V)

Count bits: 32 (up to 65535 * 65535)

PWM output

PWM output channels: 2

PWM Output Level: CMOS

Input duty cycle: 0% - 100%

Output frequency: 1-1MHz

Other features

Operating temperature

-20 - 70

Power supply

USB-powered, short circuit protection current 500mA

Board size

Dimensions: 99x116mm

Positioning hole size; 76x90mm





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