• JIT-RTU-1308d

System parameters:

CPU: 32 ATMEL ARM high-speed processor, 72MHZ

Power supply: 24VDC, power ≤3W

Power Protection: wrongly, isolation DCDC design, 2500V

Dimensions: Volume (length x width x height): 180 x 108 x 77 (mm)

Installation: Fixing screws or rail mounting

-40 ~ 85 , 5% ~ 95% RH

IP20 protection

Hardware Watchdog: 1.5 seconds Hardware Watchdog protection system



Number of Channels: 1 channel RS485, 1 channel RS232, RJ45 interface

Baud Rate: 1200 to 115200, the default 9600

Parity: Odd parity, even parity, no parity (factory default: no parity)

Start bit: 1

Data bits: 8

Stop bit: 1,2 bit (factory default: 1)

Protocol: MODBUS RTU (factory default), MODBUS ASCII protocol

By configuring the software selection

Default communication: 9600.N.8.1, station number: 1


Digital Input:

Modbus address: 10001 ~ 10032

Input Optocoupler isolation, high-speed pulse input PI

ON level: 5-30VDC, 6mA @ 24VDC

OFF level: 0-3VDC

Isolation Voltage: 2500V, protection circuit + optocoupler isolation

Sampling Rate: 0.01 seconds fast data acquisition for all channels


PI speed pulse input:

 Input: Unipolar pulse signal

Number of channels: 1

ON level: 5-30VDC

OFF level: 0-3VDC

Isolation Voltage: 2500V, optocoupler isolation

Counting frequency: 15KHZ

The count value: 32 Bit


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